“I’m no longer accepting the things I cannot change… I’m changing the things I cannot accept.”
– Angela Davis (American activist, author and educator)

As we heard last week in this video, unfair food is unfortunately found everywhere in our globalised food system. But thankfully, we can change that by fighting for FAIR food by making choices that support:

  • Labor conditions that respect people and their rights, and
  • The pursuit of balanced global economies through the practice of empathy, solidarity and respect for cultural diversities and traditions.

Below you will find the Menu of the Week with three FAIR food actions that you can take, starting today. One action will help you share the knowledge that you’ve gained in the past week; another will invite you to try something new in your personal life; and the third is a powerful action that you can take individually or as a group. To get the most out of this challenge, we invite you to engage in all 3 actions and share your experiences with us on your social media! And remember, this is the LAST WEEK of the challenge, so make your voices heard!


Start a conversation: You’ve probably already had some great conversations around GOOD and CLEAN food in the last months, which we hope have helped you gain more perspective from the people around you. This week, we encourage you to start conversations around what FAIR food means to the people around you, always keeping an open-minded and inclusive attitude! Here are some conversation starters to get you going:

  • What does FAIR food mean to you?
  • Work with your friends and family to figure out the various people along the supply chain that were involved in getting the food you’re eating right now to your plate. 
    (Hint: Ask questions like where was it grown, who packed your food, and where did you buy it?) 
  • Talk about what you’ve listened to, read or watched last week!

ADVENTURE #SlowFoodOnMyPlate
By now you probably know that you are destined to be an explorer; to hunt for adventures. Here you have another act that challenges you to experiment with what is on your plate! 

  • Go out and find out the price of a kilo of one food product–this can be apples, flour, meat or another item of your choosing from a supermarket. Then, find out the same information from your local farmer’s market (if possible). Is there a difference in price? Try to investigate how much of the total price went back to the farmer.

Something else you can do too:

  • Visit a farmers market and look for “fair tomatoes” (or any other local product). Are there different options? Ask the seller about the labor that brought these items to market and calculate “who pays” for the product.
  • Try to calculate the true cost of the fruits you are buying by figuring out how much time you would need to harvest the fruits you are buying and the cost of your labour; then consider that you have to transport this to a local market. How much would you like to receive for that? Draw it out or tell your discoveries in your reels!

POWER #SlowFoodOnMyPlate
There are currently many conversations and actions regarding equity and equality in our world but do you feel that you have a say in these issues? ‘Cause you do! Make your voice heard in the world of food!

  1. Sign a petition. Sign here for Justice for Farmers in India and here to End Child Labour in the production of Yerba Mate!
  2. Write and send a letter to your local council, ministry of agriculture or even your supermarket and ask for more ambitious plans to source FAIR and #SlaveryFree food. Don’t know where to begin? Check out this template. You can copy and paste it or translate it, adding specific details about the particular situation you are addressing.

What an incredible ride this has been! We are grateful to each and every one of the 3,200+ of you from all over the world who signed up, learned more, acted and shared what’s on your plates with your followers around the world. We hope this challenge has increased your knowledge and motivation to work for a good, clean and fair food system for all.

Perhaps the most valuable thing that came out of the Slow Food On My Plate challenge is that we met and gathered together with a whole new network of people who want to fight for a better food future! Perhaps you met some of them already, but if you haven’t, next Saturday is your chance to do so! 

With the end in sight, we would like to invite you to our call on Saturday the 27th of February at 16:00 (CET) where you can chat with others about what you’ve learned and how you want to make an impact after this! Bring your feedback, questions and exciting ideas for how you want to continue doing this important work beyond the end of the challenge. We’d love to talk about this!