GOOD food is more than just macronutrients and flavours. It is something that nourishes our emotional wellbeing and connects us to our identity, our community and to Mother Earth. In these 3 stories from our global Slow Food network, you’ll hear about various aspects of GOOD food and how it brings taste, local culture and social change together.

Antonuela Ariza (Colombia)


Soups are especially important for us – they’re some one of Colombia’s most important dishes we have them everywhere from North to South and from East to West, no matter what the weather is. We have vegetable, beef, chicken and fish soups and they all represent and nurture our gastronomic culture, our tradition and all of us Colombians.

To me, good food is a product or a dish that can talk about its quality on its own; you can just eat it from the garden and it’s just perfect. A product that was made or cultivated by someone who knows about his or her trade and that expresses, in the best way, where it comes from and how it was produced. Good food is also every product which comes from a place we can link to – a community, a farmer or a group of farmers and producers that we can establish a long-term relationship with and that we can work together to grow better food and exchange opinions.

It is a product or an ingredient that we can use to promote and to take care of our nature and biodiversity every time we use it and every time we put it on a plate.

We took the time to visit many places in Colombia, to visit communities, farmers and fishermen and after going through this extraordinarily diverse land, a question arose: Why are we a country that is so unaware of its cultural richness? So, we started looking for an answer to that question and then we found both the answer and the actions that we needed take, through food and cooking.

Each product we use each product we choose expresses the particularities of a territory, of a place and the spirit of a culture. Take this amazing ingredient, the black chili, made from the the poisonous cassava, which tells us about the philosophy of Amazonian peoples who understood how to live in balance in this ecosystem of extremely complex interactions, with fruits that grow everywhere that awaken our senses and teach us about flavor, sourness, sweetness and so many different tastes. The search for the geography of our food helped us to clarify what is our place in the world. Our premise, all these years, has been to cook food which surprises people and which makes them find themselves again in the richness of this territory, reminding them of the importance of taking care of it, promoting and sharing its amazing treasures.

My name is Antonuela Ariza and I am a Chef and entrepreneur, owner of MiniMal “Surprisingly Colombian Cooking” restaurant in Bogota whose menu is dedicated to products from different areas of Colombia (mainly Amazonia and Pacific Coast), and founder of high quality ice-cream factory “Selva Nevada”, with a focus on the origin of ingredients.

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