Are you ready
to take it slow?

Do you want to learn more about good, clean and fair food?

Do you want to meet motivated people and act for a better food system together?

Join us for this 6-week challenge starting January 18th, 2021. In a nutshell, this challenge will give you the possibility to:

  • CONNECT with other people locally, nationally and globally who care about creating a better world through food.
  • LEARN more about good, clean and fair food.
  • ACT collectively through your food choices, raise your voices and share your experiences with the world.

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Join On My Plate – a Slow Food challenge

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What is the On My Plate challenge and who organises it?

On My Plate is a both challenge and a call for collective action. 

We aim to share tools and information with our global community that will help understand how our food system works and join the collective fight for a better food system. Through this challenge, you will learn about the Slow Food Pillars of Good, Clean and Fair food while also getting the chance to act upon these values and share your experiences with the world.

On My Plate is organized by Slow Food. 

Slow Food envisions a world in which all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who grow it and good for the planet. Since its beginnings, Slow Food has grown into a global movement involving millions of people in over 160 countries, working to ensure everyone has access to good, clean and fair food. For more information, visit:

The challenge already started without me, can I still join?

Absolutely! We’re more than happy to have you. The sooner you register, the more content we can provide you with. Once you register, we will send the most recent content straight into your inbox. Also, if you know some friends who might be interested, have them sign up as well.

Why join On My Plate?

Because we have to change to make this world a better, cleaner and more fair place and we need to make that change happen ASAP! But it’s not enough to just learn, we also need to act in order to create a better world through food. And big change happens through collective action.

In a nutshell, this challenge with allow you to:

CONNECT with other people locally, nationally and globally who care about the same issues you care about. 
LEARN more about good, clean and fair food.
ACT through your food choices and by spreading the message with your communities.

What do you mean with good, clean and fair food?

Our approach is based on a concept of food that is defined by these three interconnected principles:

GOOD: genuine, flavorsome and healthy food
CLEAN: production that does not harm the environment
FAIR: accessible prices for consumers and fair conditions and pay for producers

For more information, visit:

How does the challenge work?

Well, it all starts with signing up for the challenge on this website. You will receive an email confirming you signed up and then it is just waiting for the 18th of January. The challenge is made out of 6 weeks, 2 weeks for every theme: good, clean and fair food. The first of the two weeks will be all about learning. What does good, clean or fair food actually mean? What does it have to do with me? We will provide you with interesting podcasts, documentaries you should watch, and stories by for example farmers. The second week it is up to you what you will do with that information. Every other day we will give you something to do, an act! This varies from talking to your family about it to signing a petition or visiting a farmers market.

Do I need to do everything?

If you want to! You don’t have to do it 100% to be part of the challenge! We came up with different things to do, because we know not everyone and not everyone’s situation is the same. Our goal is to have more people knowing the world of food and in what sense food can contribute to a healthier and fairer world. Every step and every bit helps, so just do what you can. Nobody ain’t perfect.

What if I don’t want to wait until the 18th of January?

No worries! There is lots to do! On My Plate is organised within the biggest Slow Food event, Terra Madre, which is -because of the pandemic – an online event of six months. On Terra Madre’s website you can sign up for cooking workshops, check if there are any small events happening nearby or join webinars on various topics. If you are excited to help out make On My Plate an even bigger success, send us a DM on Instagram or email us on [email protected]

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